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House Moving Guide

4 Weeks to Go
  1. Take quotations from moving companies, ensure that comprehensive insurance cover is included for any losses. Do you also want a packing and un-packing service from this company?
  2. Have a look at the various mortgages available - do you currently have the best deal - see our Online Mortgage page for some help
  3. Make arrangements for your electricity, gas, telecoms and water meters to be read and transferred to the new owners
  4. Make arrangements with a conveyancing company for all the legal aspects of the move - see our Online Conveyancing page for some help
  5. Arrange your new gas, water, telecoms and electricity suppliers - see our Utilities page for competitive suppliers
  6. Confirm your home contents insurance policy covers you for your new home and if required for moving
  7. Arrange for change of address cards to be printed


Safety Tip

Only use an electrician who holds a CSCS/ECS photo ID Card to prove the electricians qualifications

Only use CORGI Registered Gas Contractors for Gas Works who have fitters who hold ACOP cards to prove the fitters qualification

2 Weeks to Go
  1. Make sure you have a good supply of packing material, boxes, paper, tape etc
  2. Start throwing out unwanted items, if you've not seen it for a few years it's more than likely that you no longer need it - have a car boot sale


1 Week to Go
  1. Send your change of address cards to family and friends
  2. Arrange for re-direction of mail with the post office
  3. Cancel any milk and newspapers you have delivered


1 Day to Go
  1. Complete the last of the packing - go on have a take-a-way you deserve it
  2. Cover carpets etc to stop them getting dirty on moving day


Moving Day - Moving Out
  1. Strip the beds
  2. Pack toiletries
  3. Turn off and disconnect electric cooker etc
  4. Turn off boiler and central heating
  5. Take final meter readings of electricity, water and gas and turn off
  6. Secure and windows and doors
  7. Leave all keys with new owners


Moving Day - Moving In
  1. Have a quick check around for any damage in your new home
  2. Take meter reading of gas, water and electricity
  3. Turn on all utilities - check for any water leaks
  4. Un-pack slowly - take your time and relax you are in your new home


Who to Tell You've Moved
  • Banks and building societies
  • Utility companies
  • Council tax office
  • DVLA
  • Income tax office
  • Store cards
  • Loan companies
  • Your employer
  • Doctor, dentist and any hospital
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Friends and family

Our Helpful Moving Guide

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